Protect Your WhatsApp from getting Hacked

WhatsApp Hacking has recently become a trend in the country, 2weeks ago i received the usual WhatsApp verification code twice on my WhatsApp number, without requesting for it. Come to think of it, do you think this was a bug, Am 95% sure it’s a hell no. WhatsApp believe more in security than functionality.

Okay getting down to today’s business.

To secure your WhatsApp from getting Hacked, just a very few thing is required of you, which is setting a 2-Factor Authentication code, this way even if the hacker is succeeded in getting the WhatsApp verification number, he won’t be able to complete the step as the 2-Factor Authentication code will nock him off.

2FA code is a Six(6) digit code to protect your WhatsApp Privacy, from unauthorized users. Below is a step to setup your 2FA code:


  1.  Click on the 3 dots Option button
  2. Select Account
  3. Select Two-Step Verification
  4. Select Enable
  5. input your desired 6 digits number click next to confirm the code
  6. After you confirmed the 2FA code input your E-mail for recovery purpose
  7. Save and you are good to go


NOTE: The Step are the-same for all version of WhatsApp

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