How to respond to a Yelp review using a business account

While a bad Yelp review is the last thing a business owner wants to see, it’s something that even the finest establishments are sure to experience at times.

It’s how you reply to that bad review that matters, though. With politeness, honesty, and ideas for how you can make the patron’s next visit better, you might just win a customer back.

Before you can respond to any reviews, however, you first have to know how to.

How to respond to a Yelp review

1. First, you have to claim your business’s Yelp page by following the steps at in a browser on your Mac , PC , iPhone , or Android device, or simply log into your account.

how to respond to yelp review

how to respond to yelp review

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2. Go to the “Reviews” section of your account page.

3. Find the review in question and click “Write a Response.” You can now type out your reply, which will be displayed underneath the review.

4. Click “Preview” to preview the text.


5. Click “Post Comment” to post your public-facing response.

You can also send the reviewer a private direct message. On said review, click “Send Direct Message,” say your piece, then hit “Send.”

If you only have a few seconds, but want to acknowledge a good review, you can also click the “Thank” button under a review. This will send a quick private note that simply thanks the poster for a good review.

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