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  1. Emmanuel

    GUys give me topics you want me to talk about.

    I will try and share some course but I can't provide any tutorials on the stock market as I don't know much about stock Market
  2. Emmanuel

    How to redirect PMPRO(PaidMembership pro) to Cart

    Today I was working on Freelance Job for a client on Fiverr, and I have to write a code to redirect users to WooCommerce Cart whenever they purchase a membership plan, I have to search the internet for a code because am sure I wasn't the first person to look for this, but I couldn't find the...
  3. Emmanuel

    Lynda Giveaway in Progress

    What's the issue you're facing bro?
  4. Emmanuel

    5 Money Making Websites online

    Bro, what do you mean 4?
  5. Emmanuel

    Getting canvas pro free for a month without using your email or Credit Card

    Here are the steps of getting canvas pro free for a month without using your email or credit card 1. Go to 2. Signup into via any temporary email 3. Then Go to Random Credit Card Numbers Generator - NamsoGen 4. Create a credit card using [527253] bin number 5...
  6. Emmanuel

    Good news about the funds on your Payoneer card

    We’re happy to inform you that the FCA has completed its audit and lifted the freeze on your Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard® card. We know that this period has been difficult for you. We appreciate your patience and support while we worked to get the situation resolved swiftly. Can I access the...
  7. Emmanuel

    How to Link your Payoneer Bank Account to PayPal

    Am sure we all heard of the recent issue Payoneer is facing due to WireCard insolvency but believe me that doesn't stop Payoneer from being a great company like they used to, so I decided to publish this post since many people I personally know have there Paynoneer VCC linked to there PayPal and...
  8. Emmanuel

    [27 Jun 2020] Udemy Coupon

    More coupons are Available on Udemy Coupon – Naijasup
  9. Emmanuel

    [27 Jun 2020] Udemy Coupon

    The Complete Python 3 Course: Beginner to Advanced! Learn Python with projects covering game & web development, web scraping, MongoDB, Django, PyQt, and data visualization! Coupon Details June 26, 2020 // Duration: 18 hrs 12 mins // Lectures: 147 // Learn Python with projects covering game &...
  10. Emmanuel

    GUys give me topics you want me to talk about.

    Can you guys provide me with topics you will like me to talk about on this platform, make requests and please do invite you friends.
  11. Emmanuel

    5 Money Making Websites online

    You can make use of am also planning to start a similar platform soon, I will be done with the script maybe by this weekend or next week, then I can start working to get advertisers.
  12. Emmanuel

    5 Money Making Websites online

    Making money online is becoming a fast trend among the Youths of nowadays, trust me if not more than 80% of the youths out there in the World are trying to make money both offline and online, Many people are willing to make a steady income that they could take as a business while some just want...
  13. Emmanuel

    Upcoming Giveaways

    Netflix login sent and in case you're interested in the Lynda the tutorial on how to create the account has been posted
  14. Emmanuel

    Lynda Giveaway in Progress

    I will be dropping the full tutorial self, i think that will be better for everyone. within the next 24hours i will have the title change and the tutorial will be provided.
  15. Emmanuel

    How to get free Quality post for your Website

    I know lot's of webmasters make use of WordPress and today i brought you a very nice trick to get thousands of Unique contents for your websites, do you need unique contents for your AdSense approval, or are you too busy to sit and write some fresh contents for your website? then i brought to...
  16. Emmanuel

    An easy way of taking a full screenshot in chrome.

    Have seen many people looking for how to take a full screenshot of a chrome webpage, but lots of people find this hard, some will say you should make use of the inspector and co, but there is a really very simple way of getting this done with having any expert expert, even a day old kid could...
  17. Emmanuel

    Lynda Giveaway in Progress

    Yes, it's a wonderful day here @insidetechtools am giving 20 free Lynda Login accounts I will like to inform you that we will be doing free Lynda Accounts giveaway start from the moment this email was sent, and we would be giving out 20 free accounts on our platform, to place your request, the...
  18. Emmanuel


    GET PAID TO PLAY FIFA ADD AN ADDITIONAL INCOME TO YOUR LIFE TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE EXTREMILY HIGH COIN PRICE! Last year, we had people messaging us they had paid for their holidays overseas, making a tidy additional monthly income, all paid for with the Money they made from selling the coins they...
  19. Emmanuel

    Diabolic Traffic Bot Setting for Low Bounce Rate Targeted Traffic

    To Whom It May Concern Diabolic Traffic Bot can search your keywords on search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing) and shopping sites(Amazon and eBay), then found your site or product and click into your site or product page to view. Diabolic Traffic Bot can simulate many different people to do...