How to get $5000 AWS Credits for 2 Years


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May 11, 2020
We all need a solid server to set up our SaaS online. You can either pay monthly for it or looks for some kind of startup credits from known cloud providers like AWS, DO, Scaleways, etc. AWS Credit is considered the most popular in this segment as they offer up to $5000 of cloud credits for 24 months through their Startup Activate Programs.

The AWS Credit is usually provided by Startup Incubators or accelerators only which is either difficult to join for smaller startups or they charge thousands of dollars to enroll. However, till now the easiest way to get this credit ( along with other benefits ) was to join Product Hunt's founder's club which charges $720 annually or to get the lifetime deal of startups .com from AppSumo for $49.

But very recently, Startups .com stopped offering AWS credits through their $49 AppSumo deal. :(


So, paying $720 for ProductHunt's founder's club was the second cheapest way to get cloud credits.


Well, this has changed now. :)

Recently, I heard about this amazing program called
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They define it as a platform for entrepreneurs with exclusive benefits & discounts on SaaS. While it's free to join and offers dozens of SaaS deals for free but the real fun starts with their premium subscription which generally costs €49 annually. With this premium membership, you can 100+ premium deals. One of the major premium offers is $5,000 free AWS credit for two years.

A few other interesting deals are - €36,000 free credit on Scaleway, $2,000 credit on Airtable, $4,000 credit on Freshworks, $500 credit on Bubble, and 12 months free on Sendgrid, etc.


If this was not already enough, currently they are offering extra 30% off on the Premium Membership with promo code SPECIAL30 which make this Secret premium more affordable ( €34.3 per year in spite of €49 ) 😊


They also have an invite referral system with which if invite your friends, you will save €5 on Premium for every friend who joins Secret & gets approved! If this information was helpful, you may want to join through
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invite system

I hope this will be helpful for many SaaS founders who are looking for free hosting resources. 🙏🏻🔥