How to get free $500 in AdWords account


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May 11, 2020
Introduction for Unlimited $500 Adwords Accounts

Hello! Just came here today and saw that @Fenix19 was sharing a great method to create unlimited threshold accounts with AU Paypal.
This method is actually pretty good and work. However, if you want to scale it takes a lot of time to create multiple Paypal accounts.

This method will show you how you can create those Adwords accounts without verifying new AU Paypal Accounts. all you need is a US Gmail and VCC.

Just so you know; This method could be sold easily $100 each, But as I highly appreciate BHW community - I decided to share it for free. I know that it will give a great kickstart for those who start their journey from nothing... just like did, few years ago. and if it helps even only 1 person, I see it as a success.

How Google Adwords account can benefit you?
  • Get traffic to your eBay or Shopify Store
  • Build an email list
  • Sell Threshold Accounts
  • Steal This Premium Guide and sell it

According to writing this words - This method is work and been tested. (August 2020)

What you need:
  • US Gmail Account
  • VCC
The tricky part is, you need an established VCC as most of the prepaid cards out there pretty much abused. But if you dig depth enough; I believe that you will be able to find it. low-quality VCC will cause for instant suspension of your account.

Here is what you don't know

The way you attach the VCC to your Adwords account is playing a big rule. Most of the people, attach it via Google Adwords creation and this is a big NO when you are making your own thresholds. Enough with the talks... let's start.

Step 1

Log in to Gmail. once you logged in go to Google play store and click on Payment methods. In the payment methods section, you will have to link your VCC.

Do not attach your VCC from the manual creation. It will lead to a quick flag.

Step 2

Now that your VCC is attached you are ready to create your first $350 Threesold account.
Just google ''Google ads'' and click on the first link you see.
Once you click on ''Start'' you will have 3 options to choose from. We don't want to pick any of them. Instead, we will choose to explore more options.

From here... It's pretty simple. Just choose ''create an account without campaign''

Then you click on continue. Once done go to Tools & settings and confirm your VCC from Google payments profile.

And done, you should have a $350 threshold. Now... what you want is another $150 code so you will have $500 threshold total.

Get $150 Voucher Adwords

This voucher is available only with US Adwords accounts. You simply have to attach your email and get it. Than you go to Promotion tab and attach your voucher code.

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