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May 11, 2020
Making money online is becoming a fast trend among the Youths of nowadays, trust me if not more than 80% of the youths out there in the World are trying to make money both offline and online, Many people are willing to make a steady income that they could take as a business while some just want to make some additional cash whichever categories you belong too, we all are trying the make some cool cash, and all we would be doing today is to give a list of 5 websites where you can easily make money from, this are websites that requires little to know prior experience to some the requires a very good experience in whatever niche of your choice.

Remotask: Firstly i will be talking about Remotasks, Remotasks is a website that requires you to understand what the Job says before you dive into take the Job, you can join Remotasks without any prior experience, they have enough lectures to make you understand what there e-jobs is all about, taking this course will get you ready to make money from there website, Remotask offer you jobs which even an high school kids who follows instruction well will actually get done perfectly without any issue.

UserTesting: Second on my list is UserTesting, user testing is another great platform that allows you to make money on the internet without much stress, what i love most about this platform is that it allows you to make money from what you do regularly on a daily basis, by review website, Mobile App or other Digital products before they go live, this making you a beta user of those services, to become a tester on this great platform you have to take a test of which will be an introduction to what you will be doing on there platform, thou they do not pay for the test, but with this you will get used to what the platform is all about, and like Remotasks, UserTesting also have there own catalogue of course to get you ready for any job they might trow your way.

YouTube: Another great website to make money online with your passion is YouTube, with youtube you don't need to stress yourself too much, this secret have learnt from this Giant website is that be natural in whatever you do, come to think of it lot's of people do say making money on YouTube is really difficult should we talk about the 1000 required subscriber + the required watch hours which is necessary to enable monetization, how how to get more view, but believe me, i still believe lots of people are making some cool cash from this great website, if you need subscribers, i have a platform that offers real human subscribers from Nigeria, and to acquire watch hours is really the simplest thing on this channel, just be sure to create amazing, funny and interesting contents then believe me, without stressing so much you're already making your cool cash.

Fiverr: Are you a developer, Graphics designer or what niche is your business, you can start making additional money on this awesome website, by offering your service in person to the awesome buyers on this platform, Fiverr, Upwork, 99designs, and many more, this website all allows you to offer your service to there amiable buyers and interested clients, they offer an escrow service so you can be sure of getting paid for every good work you deliver to their buyers.

Udemy: You might be wondering how on earth do i expect you to make money from Udemy, come to think of it there are thousands of course on this great platform, personally have seen a course with over half a million students, so come to think of it if this course is being sold at $10 to each student that means 500,000 * 10 which means there are some hidden potentials you are yet to recognise in that platform, the best thing about this platform is that you can create a course on whichever niche you are good in, if you are good in teaching your language, believe me there will be always someone who is ready to learn it, and many more like that, so what are you waiting for, it's high time you start making money online.... Also Udemy offer Affiliate option which is a good way to make money online.

if you're good in product marketing you should also check out ClickBank and JVZoo.
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