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May 11, 2020
I thought I'd make a small thread to give you all an idea about the use of hosting. I've been seeing a lot of threads relating to free hosting, free VPN/VPS or offshore hosting and Id like to give you a small perspective of how they function.

Trusted Hosting providers
these are the most known and trusted hosting providers. I personally use and rely on Siteground for myself and all my clients.

Why you shouldn't be using offshore

  • Untrusted providers usually offer offshore hosting and free plans, you have no security, no way of telling what sort of access they have to your private files and database
  • No assurance of stability, your site can disappear at any time...
  • No server control
  • Terrible quality
  • Unknown security quality & privacy control
  • Limitation relating to flexibility, design, and control
  • Moving is a nightmare
  • Google engine WILL NOT rank to the best of its ability.
Of course... these are the alternatives below from a professional standard.

  • Use any of the above-trusted hosting providers, preferably SiteGround.
  • If you want to direct the audience outside of your home country, simply use Cloudflare. Very simply, Cloudflare helps to make your website faster for all the visitors by locating a server closest to them and it also stores the Cache in their server. The beauty behind this is that SiteGround offers a free version of the Cloudflare... BINGO!
  • Now you have full control, flexibility, and access to your hosting server, Cpanel, and free premium applications offered by SiteGround.
Benefits of a known hosting provider
  • One of the most important points - REGULAR MAINTAINED SERVERS'
  • Second most important point - 24/7 LIVE CHAT SUPPORT
  • Highest quality applications
  • Regular updates, releases, and assurance
  • Stability and control
  • Speed...
"What if I can't pay for a good quality hosting?"
You pay for quality... enough said.


Good luck
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