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May 11, 2020
I know lot's of webmasters make use of WordPress and today i brought you a very nice trick to get thousands of Unique contents for your websites, do you need unique contents for your AdSense approval, or are you too busy to sit and write some fresh contents for your website? then i brought to you a free tool(plugin) that allows you to generate contents from YouTube videos to you WordPress blog in seconds.

This plugin is just 2KB in size but it performs a great job beyond what you could think off.

This is a great tool to generate unlimited Youtube captions (CC) with different languages. This WordPress plugin is super fast so you will love it when use it. You can get unlimited unique contents to boost your SEO score, write reviews, sell content and many more you can imagine.

Watch this plugin in action:

How this plugin actually works:

This WordPress plugin is very powerful tool that using an external API which is built on Python. Python tool goes to Youtube using video id and check if the video has Captions CC, if yes then it scrapes all the captions and remove timestamps, join all words line by line and returns raw text. Very powerful tool, isn’t it ?

Plagiarism Checker with 1972 words


How to Install

Downlaod the plugin and install it as regular plugin click on activate, and you’re done.

How to Use

1. Create a new post, you will see YouContent metabox above post content.

2. Install Classic Editor Plugin and switch your Wordpress editor mode from Visual to Text

3. Insert Youtube video id in the text field. Make sure Youtube Video has CC. Otherwise it won’t work.

4. Select your language, default is English

5. Click on RUN button. You will see your content inside your WordPress editor

Note: You need to install and activate Classic Editor plugin and switch it to Text mode to put content.




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