Making more money from your YouTube Videos


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May 11, 2020
Are you a YouTuber? then this thread is for you trust me, have you ever imagine earning more or extra income from that same youtube video? if your answer to that question is yes then this simple little trick is for you.

The trick here might be something you've been thinking of for so long, imagine how stupid of me.
Okay, let's dive into business.

What fo do we need for this simple tutorial?

  1. List of Video streaming website.
  2. A PC or Mobile phone.
  3. Internet connectivity access
Here are what to do and how to do it.

am sure you've heard of Dailymotion?

Daily motion is a video streaming platform like YouTube even thou not as big as YouTube, it could still earn you some extra monthly income even if it's to cover for you Monthly Data plan payment believe me it's still worth trying as you won't have to undergo any additional process.

another website like this are:
  1. Meta cafe
  3. 9gag

Do you have a freaking weird video, or videos on animal's then believe me 9gag is for you?

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